Make sure you are getting a quality finished product by your stone fabricator.

Just some quick tips about choosing your fabricator.
-The lowest price is not the safest course. Beware! These are generally fly by night shops that are not around for long the long term. Stone is not cheap for a reason, it requires a lot of labour to make sure it is done correctly.
-Discuss with your fabricator the pros and cons of the products you are choosing to ensure you are getting something well suited to your needs.
-Always ask questions to make sure you understand what you are getting into and read the contract. Most shops that do not stand behind their work will ensure you cannot take any legal recourse after your project. This is part in parcel with the cheap price.
– Any current lawsuits against the company?. You may be surprised how many companies have pending lawsuits for bad workmanship.

  • Low pressure sales
  • Able to communicate with you easily
  • Educated about the product you are receiving
  • Went over seam placement if needed
  • Template was made to your specifications
  • Not Chinese/Indian Quartz Or Stone-Beware of these!
  • Surface free of any obvious voids or cracks not common with “a” grade stone
  • Edges are smooth
  • Bottoms are smoothed
  • Chip free edge
  • Edges polished correctly and not hazy
  • Sink cutout smooth and correct shape
  • Seams as tight as possible with minimal lippage
  • Grain Matched seams. The grain should flow and not change direction or be a different color
  • Sink mounted properly either with wood blocks or clips. Never with epoxy
  • Backsplash cut and fit properly
  • Sealed with a quality sealer
  • All edges that required caulking are done correctly
  • Cleaned up after install
  • Explained how to maintain your product
  • All questions addressed
  • Good customer service
  • 25 Year warranty on labour
  • Stand behind their product