Make sure you are getting a quality finished product by your stone fabricator.

Just some quick tips about choosing your fabricator.
-The lowest price is not the safest course. Beware! These are generally fly by night shops that are not around for long. Stone is not cheap for a reason, it requires a lot of labour to make sure it is done correctly.
-Discuss with your fabricator the pros and cons of the products you are choosing to ensure you are getting something well suited to your needs.
-Always ask questions to make sure you understand what you are getting into and read the contract.
– Any current lawsuits against the company? You may be surprised how many companies have pending lawsuits for bad workmanship.

  • Low pressure sales
  • Able to communicate with you easily
  • Educated about the product you are receiving
  • Went over seam placement if needed
  • Template was made to your specifications
  • Not Chinese/Indian Quartz Or Stone-Beware of these!
  • Surface free of any obvious voids or cracks not common with an “A” grade stone
  • Edges are smooth
  • Bottoms are smoothed
  • Chip free edge
  • Edges polished correctly and not hazy
  • Sink cutout is smooth and correct shape
  • Seam is as tight as possible with minimal lippage
  • Grain Matched seams. The grain should flow and not change direction or be a different color
  • Sink mounted properly either with wood blocks or clips. Never with epoxy
  • Backsplash cut and fit properly
  • Sealed with a quality sealer
  • All edges that required caulking are done correctly
  • Cleaned up after install
  • Explained how to maintain your product
  • All questions addressed
  • Good customer service
  • Stand behind their product