Recent Works

As big up and comers in the granite industry it’s a pleasure to have the privilege to do your projects. We are now a well recognized shop in Victoria because you, the customer, gave us a chance. If this is one of your projects feel free to leave a comment as they are always welcome. No customer leaves unhappy as we make sure our jobs are done to the highest standard above all other shops in Victoria. It is our specialty and we aim to keep it that way. Here are some countertop jobs we have done recently. We will add to this constantly and hope you enjoy. We specialize in high quality granite countertops etc.

We hope to do work with you in the near future whether its just to answer questions or designing a large project. Keep Abstract Stone in mind for your granite countertop etc. Remember to visit our product page as it has some great information about the different quartz lines we carry. If your curious about profiles to add to your granite countertop project then visit the profile page. And last but not least if your finished your project and needs some helpful tips then visit the care page.

Thank you for visiting the site and we look forward to doing work with you. We love the work we do and love to see a smile on our customers faces when we are done.