Products Offered

We offer the following products however we can work with any stone you would like just ask!

Granite, Marble, Quartz, Enameled Lava, Onyx, Travertine, Quartzite, Slate, Sandstone, Silestone, Hanstone, Xstone, Caesarstone, Compac , Pentall, Cimstone, Zodiaq, Pyrolave, Bis Bis, Soapstone, Icestone, Concrete, Petrified Wood, Limestone

Here is some info about the Quartz lines we carry and you can access their galleries by clicking the corresponding links.

Raw Quartz Generally Accounts For 90% Of Manmade Quartz Slabs.


Quartz Surfaces

Quartz surfaces have become a large trend in North America this last decade. A great product that is easy to maintain. Designers and homeowners alike love the product and it is something we are happy to provide alongside our natural stone selections. We sell a variety of Quartz products. Below is a list with links to there color pages . We recommend you pop in and see the products in person to really get an idea of the color you like.

Quartz Forms

A German made product with some great colors and good quality. Mid priced and their Michelangelo color is a top seller. It mimics marble without all the maintenance. Their are some great mid tones and dark tones in this collection as well.


An awesome product, They have so many great colors and the pricing is next to none. Anyone looking to get quartz countertops that are gorgeous and affordable look no further as this is the product for you.


Geos is a sustainable recycled countertop surface. Made from recycled concrete and glass it is a green product and very durable. Made with the same resin to bond as used in quartz it offers a very resistant surface. Boasting colors with almost 75% recycled content you can feel good about the green purchase your making.


An industry leader with tons of colors. This is a premium quartz line, however it is well worth the price. When most people talk about quartz it is a sure thing Caesarstone will come up in the conversation.

Concetto By Caesarstone

A Premium Man Made Stone. The most luxurious of stones made by a reputable company. You need to see these for yourself to understand how beautiful they really are. These are very expensive but are for the customers whom want something nobody else has!


Made by Consentino boasting over 20 years making quartz with a vast selection of colors it is easy to see why Silestone is an industry leader in quartz surfaces. As of 2013 there are more than 50 colors in their collection to suite the needs of any customer. This is a premium range product but as we always say “you get what you pay for” it is quite apparent with this product. Here at Abstract Stone we enjoy selling Silestone as we know it is a product that reflects our eye for quality.


Made by Hanwha Surfaces, with over 50 colors to choose from . Hanstone has been a product we have chosen to work with for one reason, versatility. With such a large pallet of colors there is something for everyone. This is a premium range quartz as well, however you can feel comfortable you made the right choice with Hanstone.


This is a small collection of unique colors that don’t break the bank. As far as quartz go it doesn’t break the bank. This is our budget line of quartz. Don’t be fooled as it does not disappoint. We carry this for the entry level buyers that do not want to pay top dollar just to get quartz.

Enamelled Lava

Enameled lava is the most expensive countertop money can buy. It is both gorgeous and durable. Every kitchen is made to order and they offer custom colors to suite . We carry samples of this beautiful product and boast being the only shop on Vancouver Island to work with this product.


Hand crafted in France. Each countertop is hand made and hand quarried from the volcanic mountain it originates from. The unique texture of the lavastone allows enamel coatings to adhere to there surface and edging. It is installed by us to the highest degree of quality . This is one countertop you can be sure your next door neighbor wont have.

Bis Bis Enameled Lava

This is a hand crafted enameled lava made in Italy to order. This is a very versatile product. You can have your sink manufactured right into your countertop! Boasting custom colors and not limited to small pieces so that means less seams in your enameled lava countertop. We are working with Bis Bis to get exclusive rights to British Columbia for this product as we love it’s elegance and it is truly one of a kind. These counters can handle a high degree of heat and are even fine to cut on. Durability meets brilliance.

Services Offered

List of Services Offered (but not limited to) Granite – Marble – Quartz – Concrete – Plug Covers –
Countertops – Vanities – Fireplaces – Showers – Seats – Tables – Fountains – Sculptures – Floors –
Backsplash – Bars – Sinks – Tile – Trim – Windows – Molding – BBQ (barbeques) – Tub Surrounds –
Cladding – Signs- House Numbers – Post Caps- Custom – Special Order Jobs – Sky is the limit!