With any granite or stone countertop you will need to pick a profile. Standard edging is eased however the sky is the limit with what you can do with your countertop edge. Please note that when choosing an edge anything besides eased will bring the price up from a marginal to significant. Please visit our gallery to see some different profiles in use.

Granite Countertops profile
Eased Edge(standard) The most common edging, As well as cheapest. Comes standard on all tops unless another is chosen.

Granite Countertops profile
Quarter Inch Bevel
A smaller bevel for a tighter looking kitchen

Granite Countertops profile
Half Inch Bevel
A 45 degree bevel half inch wide.
Not a common edge however bevels go great if you have bevelled Cornerbead

Granite Countertops profile
Demi Bullnose
A more full, drawn out half bullnose It gives the edge a fuller look.

Granite Countertops profile
Quarter Round
A small half bullnose or a large ease, However you look at it, it makes for a great feel and softness to the kitchen

Granite Countertops profile
Half inch Bevel T&B
Two half inch bevels. One on top, one on the bottom

Granite Countertops profile
Quarter Round T&B
Double the quarter round for a nice soft edge

Granite Countertops profile
Full Bullnose
A nice rounded edge. Be careful with water near this one It’s full round allows water to drip onto your Cabinets as it follows the round underneath.

Granite Countertops profile
Half Bullnose
A half round edge that is very traditional looking Great for rounded flowing houses without square Construction.

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